July 30, 2015

A SH-RESS (Shirt + Dress)

"Let me tell you one very important reason why you should wear a SH-RESS. Because - "why the hell not"? As long as your bum and vajeen are covered and safe from any federal violations, you're absolutely fine. This is why I encourage rules breakin' and neck breakin'."

July 28, 2015

Babes at 6B | 1 Shirt, 4 Ways

We all have done the walk of shame after a long night at your man's place or, perhaps, a new friend's place (I won't judge). And I'm just here to show you how you can do it with style. Babes at 6B are here to show you how you can wear a man's button up in four stylish ways. So you can leave his place looking so fly, you can go grab brunch with your girlfriends' after and talk about the dirty deeds from the night before. You may just want to brush your teeth first.

July 23, 2015

Concrete Jungle

"Indiana Jones would have a hard time surviving in New York City. I'm sure physically, he would. But New York City is all mental."