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    Lynn Kim Do may be the first fashionista to define and coin the term Neckbreakin’ Style but she is certainly not the only person that this term encompasses. Lynn takes inspiration from the street, from the mundane and thus her extraordinary everyday experiences, and presents it rawly along with visuals and personal style. This is a platform beyond personal style. It is a space of personal experiences. Lynn Do creates a platform that curates her very honest, sometimes too honest, stories called "Street Talk" with style that is also uniquely raw. Having footprints all over the United States, her view of fashion can not be defined by one location or even one style except one - streetwear. She believes in minimal and clean streetwear without losing all the attitude and sass with it. Her visual and production expertise has accumulated many highly recognized repertoire of projects with clients like Revlon and Urban Outfitters. She has been featured on Nylon.com, The New York Times, and WWD to name a few. If you ask her though, her biggest personal achievement is surviving a year lease in a six floor walk-up NYC apartment.
    Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, USA

    Walking up to The Saint Austere, an intimate Italian Bistro, you will find yourself asking, "Am I in Williamsburg or Bushwick?" Or neither? Sure, technically it's Williamsburg but the street seems to suggest a time before Williamsburg became vomittingly gentrified. I was warmly greeted by the Pirolo brothers – Fabrizio first and then later, John. My boyfriend and I welcomed the flowing chatter about the neighborhood with the equally flowing wine and prosecco and then we made our way into the much-anticipated topic: their menu. They suggested we try some crowd pleasers like the Creamy Polenta and the Broccoli Rabe. We enthusiastically complied. We also ordered several more dishes under Fabrizio’s thoughtful guidance, like the Grilled Octopus, some homemade pastas like the Cavatelli and the Beet Mezzelini, and then the Mediterranean Branzino. And for dessert, the tiramisu. Okay, so we ordered way too much for two people, but everything looked so good and the Pirolo brothers was giving us “close family friend” vibes and we trusted our entire existence we them. Fabrizio left our table to punch in the order and I looked at Pedro thinking, "What have we done?" I mean, I guess all we could do was to mentally prepare our brains for the meal that we were about to embark on.

    And holy, holy, holy. I don’t think our mind could have ever prepared for all the tastiness we journeyed through. It was as if we were transported into Pirolo’s family dining table. I felt like I was personally being walked through their childhood. I am seriously NOT KIDDING or EXAGGERATING. I tasted the polenta that Fabrizio and John’s brother ate growing up as a child for breakfast. I chewed on the coffee shaved ice that their mother indulged in for dessert but in a sophisticated tiramisu form. The Tiramisu literally changed our lives. Forever. The entire meal was so mind-blowingly delectable that I can remember every single dish even weeks after this meal. And my boyfriend and I are STILL talking and dreaming about our experience at The Saint Austere. This is one restaurant that easily climbed to our top 5 restaurants in New York and thankfully it’s in Brooklyn near our very own neighborhood. Do yourself a favor and go. Go again and again and if you’re deciding the perfect evening to go, they have $10 pasta night on Thursdays. You’re very welcome.

    The Saint Austere
    613 Grand Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11211

    What To Order:
    Creamy Polenta,
    Broccoli Rabe,
    Mediterranean Branzino,
    Beet Mezzelune (for those on the adventurous side)
    Cavatelli (for meaty pasta lovers)
    But honestly, you can’t go wrong with anything on their menu. 

    Happy Hour Everyday 6-8PM on Food & Drinks
    $10 Pastas on Thursdays

    Perfect For:
    Impressing the Parents
    Date Night
    Catch Up Dates with Friends

    Top Williamsburg Dinner Favorites:
    Sunday In Brooklyn
    Llama Inn
    Marlow And Sons


    . June 21, 2018 .
    . June 13, 2018 .

    Looking at fear right in the face is helpful. Yeah. Sure. But if you really think about it, it’s truly one perspective. And let’s be honest, heading face to face with the monster can be quite horrifying and polarizing. Okay so, it’s much better than not looking at it all. But what if we took a look at it from the side, maybe even from the back. Give it a good 360. Then, I think it gives you an opportunity to ask – What about it ticks you? What about it makes you fearful? I mean, why can’t we humanize that shit. Watch it trip or fart or drink too much tequila and then throw up all over the bathroom.

    I figured that the best way for me to take a good look around my fear is by simply talking about it. Of course, it starts with admittance. I started saying “I am fearful.” And I started acting and speaking on the curiosity of the topic with those around me. It led me to see a new language, a new concept around fear, a fresh perspective. First, I had to change the language from “I am fearful” to “I have fear.” Because you can only let go of fear if you have it as oppose to being it. Fear isn’t a definition of any one human being, it certainly isn’t mine. It is a temporary state of being, like hunger. It’s something that can leave you.  Another thing I realized is that fear isn’t good or bad. It just is. Defining fear as bad is only hindering in the process of creating and the journey of dreams. It is just a state of being that shows growth. Fear can be bad because it causes anxiety. Fear can be good because it shows us what we want the most. It is both, therefore it is neither. So why be afraid of “fear”? Why think of it any more or any less than what it is – a temporary feeling?


    Image by Pedro Angel Morales
    . June 7, 2018 .

    Barca, barca. You couldn’t leave me unscathed, could you? Oh, how you lit a deep fire in the pit of my soul. My feet are still dancing underneath me…even thousands and thousands of miles away from you. My heart is still humming tunes from open patios. My stomach is hungry for manchego cheese and crema Catalana. My throat is thirsty for Cava and Aperol Spritz. And my spirit? My spirit is still roaming the streets and sunbathing on the sand. In fact, she’s hanging out on the steps of MACMA watching boys flip in their skateboards. She’s smiling at the young boys kissing on girls and kissing on boys. She’s on her third oat latte of the day thinking, “How do they make it just right, every fucking time?” In the evening, she’s yelling at bartenders for more shots. She’s losing her phone again. She’s chatting the table next to her and pouring cava in their cup. She’s linked arm in arm with her best friend stumbling on the cobblestone as her shoes cut into her feet. She can’t feel it anyway. She’s standing on top of two century old brilliance admiring the curvature and mosaic tiles of a genius before her. The sun is setting behind hills and homes. Burning into her brain the tones of subdued orange and blues. She letting out a sigh.

    Meanwhile, my physical body is currently in New York City and my mind is regrettably catching up.

    This recent trip was the right concoction of spontaneity, discovery, ciesta, and, of course, fiesta. I am not only recharged but I’m filled with this brand new energy. I am clearer. I am breathing clearer. I am new. Like my old self was pitted and replaced with a new seed. And I am growing. Barcelona was the fertilizer, the rainwater, the sun, and the music. Who knew? I certainly wasn’t prepared, but how could one ever? Thank you, Barcelona, for being the catalyst of change that have been stirring in my bones and creating a space of creative flourishment. 

    Are you heading to Barcelona, soon? I got you. Here are some tips for a magical time in this beautiful city.

    To Do:

    Casa Vicens
    The newest Gaudi exhibit to open and my favorite. This house was his first commissioned work. Every single detail in this house is young brilliance at its finest. Be prepared to be in awe at every corner, door, turn, pretty much the whole time.

    Beach Day
    Cause duh.

    Not just the art museum itself but the area around it is very cool to explore. There is a huge skateboarding culture and vintage shopping scene around the museum, too.

    Sagrada Familia
    This is a must. Gaudi had a vision, a big one, and he worked on it until his passing, and yet in 2018 it still isn't finished. It's a remarkable structure and house of worship. It's currently estimated to be completed in 2030 but trust me, GO!

    La Rambla
    All the tourists walk this street. All the locals, too. La Rambla is tree-lined pedestrian mall with shoppes that you don't often get to see in America, like Oysho which quickly became one of my favorites stores to buy swimwear and casual wear.

    Park Guell
    It's worth a visit but wasn't my favorite trip (but maybe it was because I was unprepared for the tickets and lines.) So my advice is to get tickets a day in advance and pack a nice sandwich and snacks for a cute picnic inside the park. I can still remember the music that serenaded us while we ate in the park. Ah, so magical.

    Picasso Museum
    If you're a huge fan and want to see how he started, his early work, and to get a deeper understanding, I suggest going to this museum. But don't expect to see any of his later works or well known ones.

    La Boqueria Market
    Super touristy and don't expect to pay local prices BUT it really is still very affordable and an experience on it's own. Get to experience all of Barcelona in one place. Come hungry is all I have to say.

    To Eat & Drink:

    La Alcoba Azul
    One of the most pleasant surprises and favorite meals in Barcelona. This was our first dinner and we were seriously so spoiled because any tapas we had after this mail couldn't even compare to our experience here.

    El Xampanyet
    Well, except this one. This is a MUST but expect a long wait. It's a typical old school vibe with small tables and lots of energy. Don't forget to get a whole bottle of cava with your meal.

    Some of the best Mexican food I've had. Anywhere. Period. Get dessert, trust me!

    La Flauta
    Recommended by a local and was where I had Crema Catalana for the first time. Lunch is very reasonable and has great 3 course sets. Also....endless complimentary wine and bread. Yes, you heard me right!

    I didn't get to go to this restaurant named one of the Top 10 in the world, which is a huge regret of mine so I wanted to include it anyway because I think you should try to go! Make sure you try to make a reservation at least a month in advance instead of one weeks ahead which is what I tried to do. FAIL!

    El Nacional
    A high end food market. It's an easy and picturesque place to grab a quick drink or a casual sit down meal without sacrificing aesthetics. Also, anyone can find something for them here because of the diversity in cuisine. Think Chelsea Market...but prettier. And Spanish.

    Order This:
    Manchego Cheese
    Cold Cured Meats like Ham and Salami
    Aperol Spritz
    Pa amb Tomàquet
    Crema Catalana
    Patatas Brava
    Fried Breaded Squid or Calamari (if you're less brave)

    To Know:

    Currency: Barcelona functions on Euros. 1 US dollar is approximately 1.17 euros. Bring some cash but credit cards with chips function very well and most places accept credit. When they ask you after you swipe to charge euros or US dollars, always choose euros because the bank will just use the day's exchange rate and not a predetermined exchange rate.

    Outlet: Bring a converter. Spain's electric plug has two round pins. I have this one which i've used in Asia and Europe.

    Tip Culture: Tipping at restaurants aren't expected but feel free to do so if you feel that the service was exceptional.

    Pick Pocketing: Please beware of pick pocketers and be super conscious of your phone and bag at all times. I got my phone stolen right out of my zipped up crossbody bag.

    Nap Time: Barcelona shuts down in the middle of the day much like the rest of Europe but Barcelona definitely vibes on the more chill side than the rest of Europe. There will be restaurants open of course during the hours of like 3 - 7pm but I would double check restaurant hours before I trek out somewhere. Also, people don't eat dinner until at least 8pm. That's the norm.

    Jet Lag: 6 hour ahead of New York City (EST) so yes, jet lag was very real!


    . March 28, 2018 .

    Acupuncture can be intimidating for many reasons. For one, the needles. The MANY needles. I have never met anyone in my life who have said, “OH MY LAWD! Needles are my FAVORITE THING. Ever. EVER! I just love them so much.” So, I don’t think I’m alone in this sentiment that needles freak me out. I mean, when I was 12 and very overdue with my immunity shots, I convinced myself that if I made my doctor laugh really hard, he would decide not to prick me with needles and inject whatever fluid my school deemed valuable to my existence. Moral of the story there was that humor doesn’t fix everything. But it definitely made us both laugh through the experience, even if they were nervous ones. My next experience with needles were tattoos. My fear of needles was collapsed by my higher belief in body art. And the permanency is real so, yeah, if my artist had already started, then god damn, she better finish!

    So here I was at Rest Acupuncture, talking Yukiko’s ear off (my nervous defense mechanism kicking in) and I asking a bunch of questions. In retrospect and highlight and in current conscious thought, I shouldn’t have been nervous! Acupuncture has been around longer than modern medicine and probably penicillin (don’t quote me on that!). I have met people who swears by it. It’s holistic! No GMO. Hella organic. No substance. All good vibes. I am such a believer in preventative care and self love, which means that I will try almost anything at least once that promises a balanced body and mind. And ANYTHING to reduce anxiety. After all, New York City breeds it. The road of success is the only road I’m walking on. And success doesn’t come stress-free.

    Okay, let’s back to the acupuncture room. Yukiko took her time with our initial consulting, easing my mind, catering the process to my needs and concerns. There are four Rest Acupuncture prepackaged options her clients may choose from. They’re like bento boxes (but acupuncture style). I told her that I’ve been having digestive issues, nightmares, stress from moving, and then added “I just want to connect my mind and my body.” Yukiko in her wise form suggested that we do the “Calm” option, “the most pokiest one.” I low-keyed panic but I knew that whatever it is, it can’t be worse than my five hour tattoo. AND I knew I would walk out of this feeling like a BRAND NEW WOMAN. I followed this saint into a bed of my choice in an open yet inviting space. The minimal space filled with the freshest oxygen courtesy of the prettiest plants felt like everything my apartment should be but isn’t. Yukiko dabbed a small alcohol wipe in all the areas she planned to poke, put a bit of pressure on the spot, and the quickly pricked me with the sterilized (and one-time-use only) needle. The first one on my foot was totally FELT. It wasn’t intolerable though. The rest felt easy. The ones on my arms, chest, and face felt like nothing. My body felt heavy and sunk into the bed. “Enjoy your nap,” she said. And just for context, I do not nap. I can not do it. I envy those who do but I am not built that way. So to be completely honest, the mix of this new experience, the needles, the nap, I had some anxiety at first. And then I reminded myself to give in to the experience. To let go. Wow, I am so glad I did because I quickly fell asleep. 40 minutes go by and I am gently woken up by Yukiko’s voice. She advised me not to drink alcohol or do anything too active after because it can undo the work we just did. I left that studio feeling like I was floating. I have never been so chill. And I am not “chill”. The best way I can describe it was that I very much felt in the moment in every moment. I wasn’t thinking about my day earlier, what I was going to do next, or the day after. I was just existing. That night, I slept so peacefully and the next morning, I still felt incredibly chill. I barely recognized myself because of this just loose and relaxed feeling. I never wanted this feeling to go away. But then I walked into a stressful meeting and yeah…it left me.

    So I’ll be back to Rest very soon. I suggest everyone and anyone to try it. There’s nothing like getting to know yourself, your mind and body connection, and receive some benefits like acupuncture.

    I came back a second time because I am a firm believer that the first and second time are usually drastically different. A month or two had gone by and I was in dire need of Yukiko. I possibly created an illogical correlation to being the best and zen version of myself to Yukiko but it was wonderful to see her. I was so excited to be in her presence and tell her my problems, all the internal and physical manifestations. We did a more personal session because of the high levels of anxiety I had and stress prior to the visit. The pokes felt less "pokey" because I think I became a bit familiar with the sensation. I sunk right into the bed upon her magical touches. I did feel paranoia at first, just like the first time, but I think that comes with my personality. I then told me self to trust the process and let go. I fell asleep and woke up gently feeling alert and well-rested. I realized that the 30 min that I felt asleep felt like 3 hours. I took the extra 15 minutes to meditate and process some lingering thoughts in my mind. I made many wonderful ideas and self-realization during the last 15 minutes. Yukiko took me out of my own head at the end of the process and I felt absolutely wonderful. And floaty. And stressed-free. Yukiko told me that many people just nap through it, others find their best ideas through it.

    131 Norfolk Street
    New York, NY 10002

    Images by Lynn Kim Do & Kim Geronimo