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    there's nothing to hide and no one to hide from, especially yourself

    "The past plays such an important role on who you are this minute, this second. By all means, it may not dictate who you can be. But, it will be faulty to say that it doesn't impact you. Needless to say, 2014 has been a quite a memorable year for me. I have been pushed to limits I never knew I even possessed, crossed lines that I didn't know existed, and lost and found friendship in some of the most unexpected places."

    . December 31, 2014 .

    Looking Back At 2014

    . December 31, 2014 .

    "The past plays such an important role on who you are this minute, this second. By all means, it may not dictate who you can be. But, it will be faulty to say that it doesn't impact you. Needless to say, 2014 has been a quite a memorable year for me. I have been pushed to limits I never knew I even possessed, crossed lines that I didn't know existed, and lost and found friendship in some of the most unexpected places."

    . December 28, 2014 .

    "Color blocking has been very popular the past couple seasons. You would think that color blocking would require at least one thing - color. Come to Neckbreakin' Style to break some more rules and bend some minds because I took the "blocking" more literally than the "color" part. Plus, I like to think that color is all subjective and black and white is totally a color!"

    . December 25, 2014 .

    "The pines still fresh on the Christmas tree. The solo bow that is still lingering on the couch from the gift exchange. The plate of stale cookies too good to be left alone. The fresh steam rising from the ten cups of hot cocoa forming cavities in the back of our mouths. That pleasant grin that extends from the inside out without one specific source but from the spirit of the holidays.
    That is why I love Christmas."

    . December 15, 2014 .

    "Prints are loud. Prints can only be paired with neutrals. Prints are hard to match. Prints are hard to wear. I'm not edgy enough for prints. Prints are for the summer.
    All false."
    . December 10, 2014 .

    "What I love more than a good Sweater Party is a good Sweater Party with three of my blogger pals, accompanied by our friend, fans, and you! What are we celebrating, you ask? We are celebrating the holidays, good vibes, cool people, and the shopping season with the help of Young & Able and four style gurus. Read more for details of this event."

    . December 5, 2014 .

    "I've been asked - "If you could live anywhere in the States, where would you live?" Without an ounce of hesitation, my answer will always be "New York City". It is the city of dreams, the city of my dreams. You see how attracted I was to Peralta Project's headgear. It put a clever twist into the traditional snapbacks and cultural permanence of the teams."
    . December 4, 2014 .

    "My name is Sade. Like the singer, it's pronounced shaw-dae." - Sade | @blackandolive

    . December 1, 2014 .

    "People love to plan, love to curate a moment, love to follow some strategic rule to success. That's great and I can't argue that it must be nice to have a formula to happiness. If only life worked like that, and perhaps, thankfully so."

    . November 27, 2014 .

    "Happy Thanksgiving! I have to end this series on a sweet note. It just wouldn't feel right otherwise. At this point during your glutinous day, you are not too far from conceiving a food baby. The temptation of dessert, the final chapter of Thanksgiving, is too strong to say no and closure is an absolute necessity. Remember the traditional apple pies that usually sit on the dinner table after the entire feast. Well move over apple pie because the apple butter galette is no joke."

    . November 26, 2014 .

    "Before you pick up your jaw from the floor and clean up the pool of drool, let's talk about this modern and beautiful rendition of the traditional turkey. It's an amazing portion size, absolutely moist, and packed with flavor. You will definitely be the rave of the friendsgiving party or Thanksgiving get together with this dish." 

    . November 25, 2014 .

    "This year for Thanksgiving, I figured the last thing you really want to do is to look at another outfit. We all deserve to stare at food guiltlessly, eat until our buttons ricochet off, and if you dare, cook your own piece of magic to indulge and share. In collaboration with @twohealthybuns, NBS is giving you a three part foodie series with three exclusive recipes."
    . November 19, 2014 .

    “Hey Black, you’ve been pretty freaking amazing. Don’t change one bit. And don’t stop making me bacon and eggs in the morning.” 

    . November 14, 2014 .

    "I rather have the opportunity to say goodbye than never have the chance to say hello at all. And I can't even begin to tell you all the things I've learned during this trip. But I will surely try." 

    Trust and Self-discovery

    . November 10, 2014 .

    black bodysuit with garters
    "I've joined a league of New York influencers who all embrace women empowerment and local craft to introduce this exclusive five collection. Each week a blogger will introduce a limited edition and exclusive design that will only be available for that same week. Handmade in their New York City studio, you don't want to miss the opportunity to get your hands on one of their designs. I am excited to introduce The Black Series collection."
    It is available now until Sunday, November 16 at noon.

    . November 9, 2014 .

    "The Best Friend. The Gay Man. The Homeless Man. The Wanderer."

    . November 7, 2014 .

    "Why take a road trip in October? Why pick a destination like freaking Skyline Drive in Virginia Why am I wearing a blue jumpsuit when I know I'm going to be in a car for hours?  Why did I stop on the side of Route 95? "

    . November 4, 2014 .

    "Music comes first. Fashion is my wifey." - Andrew Akanbi | @frikaan_time
    . November 2, 2014 .

    "When in White," right? You just have to vibe with the moment you exist in and completely own it."

    . October 31, 2014 .

    "An expression that I tirelessly work towards days on end. A mantra that Madonna practices and inspires in personal exploration and her countless neck breaking reinventions. And an opportunity provided by a pioneer - Zeusvision. "

    . October 29, 2014 .

    "as Lynn Kim Doe"

    . October 27, 2014 .

    "Ever just need a space to waste time in between meetings or classes? Perhaps you’re just visiting New York City for the first or third time and need a local coffee shop to curb your caffeine addiction? Or you want to impress your friends or potential collaborator by picking a meeting spot that’s casual and chic - cool points for you! Ah, or you want to grab a quick coffee date with tu amor. These are three of my favorite coffee shops that are always date-proof and Instagram-Worthy."

    . October 23, 2014 .

    "Tuck away the legs, say goodbye to margarita glasses, and salt in my hair. But say hello to the change you've been waiting for, the layers of beautiful textures, cuddling season, and wool socks."

    . October 21, 2014 .

    "We didn't like each other at first..." - Lori & Jaton of Teus@lorijerez & @jaybrae 
    . October 20, 2014 .

    "Tempers are high, anxiety is prone and proper, irritations, reschedules, work anxieties, a cracked phone screen shortly after replacing it, and even my billiards game was more horrible than usual."
    . October 17, 2014 .

    "I fell in love with human interaction and the way people evolve through their environment." - Adam Opitz | @mynameisopie

    . October 16, 2014 .

    "I would say, "I am an artist." And people would say, "Cool, what do you do?" I didn't have a quick answer for them. They looked at me with a condescending smirk and labeled me absurd. I just knew I wanted to be able to create. That wasn't good enough. "

    . October 14, 2014 .

    neckbreakin style
    "So wrong, but so right."

    . October 8, 2014 .

    "Friendly competition is always healthy and even welcomed. But there's a clean line between friendly competition and just bad news and it lies in intent. Intent is perhaps the hardest thing to see but every wolf in sheep skin must eat eventually."

    . .

    "I don't give a fuck about fashion week. I live this shit. Feel me?" - Marvin | @gqtheheatmaker
    . October 2, 2014 .

    "A rose-colored lens induced by perhaps one too many shots of whisky, who would object to that? That's an ideal Thursday. "

    . October 1, 2014 .

    "Denim, leather, and legs. That's my uniform." - Tina Maria | @tinaamariaa

    . September 30, 2014 .


    "Alter egos are healthy. Who we are at work in that stuffy blazer and who we are in front our friends in a spongebob onesie doesn't make you bi-polar. They are just extensions of who you are. "
    . September 25, 2014 .

    "Twinning in boyfriend jeans, white tops, and flesh tone outerwear, we looked like sole-mates in the Grandora loafers. That pun was also too good to leave out. Okay, I promise that "sole-mate" will be the last pun this time. "
    . September 23, 2014 .

    "I'm attracted to the imperfect quality of the 35mm film photos. It's like capturing a fleeting moment without the opportunity to modify that moment, so there's a rawness to the product." -  Rudy | @2lungs

    . .

    What is Neckbreakin’ Style? Well first, it’s a noun. In textual definition, it reads “When you’re strutting down the concrete catwalk and the spectators break their necks.”  I left this interpretation intentionally vague. Neckbreakin' Style does not define a specific look nor does it specifically point to apparel. I have always longed to create something to express the most vital part of what I along with my team have created - a thoughtful culture. I like to think that this blog is more than just about fashion and an outfit delightfully put together. 

    . September 22, 2014 .

    "1 day until the online debut"
    . September 21, 2014 .

    "2 days until the online debut"
    . September 20, 2014 .

    "3 Days until the online debut"
    . September 19, 2014 .


    "When it comes to success, I measure it differently than perhaps other bloggers. I measure it in the simple impacts I’ve made on people and the mind bending people that I’ve had the blessing to now call friends along the way."
    4 days until the online debut

    . September 18, 2014 .

    "It began as Lynn Do, then Neckbreakin’ Lynn as I threw on the last minute touches to this outfit, and then Prince as it humorously flew out of my dear friend’s mouth."

    . September 12, 2014 .

    "We would have a “It’s complicated” relationship status if NYFW was a tall young fellow. "

    . September 8, 2014 .

    "What birthed from those ideas is this clever collection of fantastic shapes, textures, and a refreshing utilitarian take with femme tones."

    . August 29, 2014 .

    "There’s something riveting about the dirtiest of places. The grease, if you will. Sit in it, play with it a bit, and get gritty. Because when you walk away from it, stripped from that clean shirt, I believe that you’ll be rising from the ashes."

    . August 26, 2014 .

    "Women (and men) are more comfortable breaking necks at the gym, too. You’re whole existence is amazing. So why shouldn’t you glisten in style?"