Neckbreakin' Style x Caseable | Giveaway

So excited to announce the preview of my collaboration with Caseable, a company that creates hand-crafted cases for all your e-devices. Read more on the process and the details of each case. Also there's a promo code and giveaway that ends 11/23/14 at noon!

Nothing feels better than seeing and touching the final product of something you had only envisioned many months prior. It is such a rewarding experience. Hence my overwhelming excitement to reveal the collaboration between Caseable and Neckbreakin' Style. 

We wanted to provide something thoughtful, defining, and one-of-a-kind. The cases went through a long creative process. It is designed by our very own (and super talented) - Juan Sepulveda. Our team sat through brainstorming nights to come up with not one but three original designs. We wanted it to be more than just a basic case. We wanted three pieces of artwork, a depiction of a #NECKBRKR lifestyle, and all the baddass-ness that comes along with it. It is rebellious, chic, and each tells their own story. 

Neckbreakin' Audrey is our modern day adaptation of the classic fashion and movie icon - Audrey Hepburn. We wanted to turn a classic image upside down and sideways just to create a brand new perspective. Can you imagine if Audrey Hepburn was really tatted up and wore gold chains? We sure can.

Don't Let Them Sleep is a visual and powerful message to keep dreaming. Forget everyone who doubted you, hated on you, and tried to take advantage of you. The fact that you're still chasing your dreams wildly is clearly keeping them up at night. Let them motivate you. Let your hustle be that much more heated so that you can have them stir in their sleep in cold sweats. 

#NECKBRKR is a daily reminder to break necks every time you step out the door. It is a friendly encouragement to live every moment with a passionate purpose. You can break necks with your own personal style or it can simply be your presence. Whatever it is, own it!

Want these cases or do you want to make your own custom iPhone, Galaxy, and almost any phone cases or sleeves? Caseable is the perfect place for you. Until November 23, 2014 at noon (EST), you can use the coupon code "NBSxCSBL" for 15% your entire purchase.
I'm also hosting a Giveaway courtesy of Caseable
You know I can't leave you guys empty handed! To enter - go to my Instagram, follow me, and comment what your favorite case is on a picture of the cases (here). Three winners will be randomly chosen and will win the case of their choice. It's really that simple! The giveaway also ends November 23, 2014 at noon. It is limited to United States, Canada and most member states of the European Union plus Switzerland.