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    there's nothing to hide and no one to hide from, especially yourself

    Christmas, ah christmas. This holiday carries plenty of expectations. The expectations of being with family, making cookies, a home cooked meal, a designated drunk uncle, and a house full of unwavering love. I've never had that traditional Christmas. My loose rendition of that looks like burning gingerbread cookies in the oven while my cousins and I had our own secret Santa. 
    The reality is that many people don't have the traditional Christmas. Not because they live a distressful and unfortunate life. Perhaps, it began that way but it doesn't mean it is that way now.  

    . December 29, 2015 .

    Christmas Misfit

    . December 29, 2015 .

    Christmas, ah christmas. This holiday carries plenty of expectations. The expectations of being with family, making cookies, a home cooked meal, a designated drunk uncle, and a house full of unwavering love. I've never had that traditional Christmas. My loose rendition of that looks like burning gingerbread cookies in the oven while my cousins and I had our own secret Santa. 
    The reality is that many people don't have the traditional Christmas. Not because they live a distressful and unfortunate life. Perhaps, it began that way but it doesn't mean it is that way now.  

    . December 17, 2015 .

    I may not have an identity crisis but I sure have location crisis. My anxiety with moving stems a bit deeper than normal affections. On December 31st, I will have to uproot from my quaint little apartment I made my own in Spanish Harlem and find a new place to call home. Although I'm not moving too far and possibly only a borough away, moving gives me anxiety. And for unique reasons...

    . December 15, 2015 .

    I know the agonizing dilemma: Buying the perfect gift that is affordable, yet thoughtful, yet funny, yet nice. Oh, and it has to be representative of your entire friendship or relationship. No pressure! Okay, stop hyperventilating. I'm here to help you and perhaps, make you chuckle a bit. It's the only way I know how to overcome an obstacle -- with poise and lots of laughing. Like, a lot of laughing and maybe two bottle of wine.
    Some of my favorite conversations exist only in emojis. Have you ever seen those Instagram bios that are literally just a sequence of emojis and it makes absolute sense. Like, I totally get you! That is because emojis fill in blanks that even words can't describe. Some of my friends even look like my favorite emojis (ahem, the running man). For Halloween, my fellow Babe at 6B and I were bunny twins. So here are four gift guides for twentysomething year olds who are self-described emojis (you know what I'm talking about!) -- The Basic Bitch Princess, The OG Grandma, The Pile of Poo Grinch, and the most horrid one The One Who Wants Nothing

    . December 11, 2015 .

    Since athleisure is now a word. I decided to make up another word -- Anomalic. Sharing a poem I gently jotted on the subway along with this attire perfectly capturing athletic and sensual tones. 

    . December 8, 2015 .

    Now I get to say that I have a good friend in Dallas that is only a short 2.5 hours plane ride away, two dogs name Jax and Penny, a two-story house, and a Mexican/Colombian family in Dallas. Not shabby for a 24 year old, huh?

    . December 4, 2015 .

    Encouraging you to join the ultra spicy (and full of shearling) Buttercup Club in this second Winter Look installation with In Support Of. Aside from Monochromatic outfits, it's clear that In Support Of also some great statement pieces filled with enough character to stand alone. Or all together, like we have styled in this second Winter Look. Monochromatic outfits are fun, but there's something satisfying about mixing patterns and chaos to create something even more imaginative.  

    . December 1, 2015 .

    When a shop takes a brave decision to support the underdogs, I can't help but give them a mental applause. After all, we are always presented with choices. What we decide to do in these opportunities defines who we are as human beings and as individuals. In Support Of, a retail concept shop who chooses to only focus on new talent, just gained a fan -- me.  So, my gals and I are here to serve you some serious Winter Looks in designers curated by In Support Of. Starting with this Monochromatic trend... 

    . November 28, 2015 .

    I usually don't take threat deaths very well, especially from something called "ISIS". Okay, okay, so I didn't get the threats personally but my city did. We (as in the United States) are all on high alert but honestly, it's just inconvenient. These are the thoughts that ran through my head as I walked into the subway as an ignorant but romantic civilian who really isn't afraid to die. 

    . November 21, 2015 .

    When the Babes at 6B came across trèStiQue, we were instantly intrigued. I think it has to do with the way they make applying makeup look so easy. It's the all too familiar crayon-like packaging that initially grabbed me. And to make it more interesting, we attempted two looks -- day and night. And to make it even more interesting, we captured the Babes at 6B trying these products for the VERY FIRST TIME on camera. So yes, this is the very first time we are applying trèStiQue to our faces. Or should I say -- yes, this is the very first time we are beating our faces with trèStiQue.

    . November 17, 2015 .

    My love life is a RomCom (slash thriller, perhaps). Let me go ahead and make a huge assumption -- Many of us have experienced the very tragic and addicting - "The One That Got Away" story. Or at least thought he or she was the one. I am no exception. My very first article on Thought Catalog is published. It's a very personal letter to him, to the one who (almost) got away. The thoughts around this letter and the link to the article is in this post. 

    . November 12, 2015 .

    Blue has been my favorite color for awhile now. The only way I can really explain it is by sharing my own personal writing. I've only realized how intricate tied I am to this color by the way it weaves in and makes an appearance in some of my writing. This is quite an intimate piece of work. I barely call it poetry. It is a series of words in thoughtful and careful sequence that I rarely share to people. It's a series of sentences that explicitly a thought that I'm dwelling in. Hold the finger snaps, please!
    . November 8, 2015 .

    Beautique Restaurant in New York City just began serving Brunch last month. Add it to your brunch list on the Note section of your iPhone folks! Here is the step by step experience at this modern, sleek yet romantic American restaurant for a Sunday Brunch.

    . November 4, 2015 .

    "Every morning, wake up and look at the bigger picture. If something looks a little weird, pay a bit more attention. Also, always carry two pens."
    - Tom, Beyonce and Jay-Z Security Guard 

    . October 31, 2015 .

    To celebrate Halloween, I'll be rocking an English accent and only answering questions with my favorite David Bowie's quotes. You think I'm joking? I'll give you some examples. 

    . October 28, 2015 .

    My first Uber Pool ride led to an unexpected night as I left the vehicle with two new friends. Who knew a friendship could blossom between two sets of strangers that were randomly picked up by Uber. Also, I finally learned what a bathroom party actually means. 

    . October 26, 2015 .

    Dear you -- my dearest you,
    I knew before I went right into the next couple steps in my life, I needed to write to you. I needed to explain. To explain the hiatus. To explain what is happening to me, and thus to Neckbreakin’ Style
    . October 8, 2015 .

    "BABE-ing season is that time of year when you notice that all of your friends and social media acquaintances are all in relationships. Everyone around you have found a comfortable human being to switch big and little spoon roles with. To sit on the couch and "netflix and chill" with. To wake up with on a Sunday afternoon and voluntarily kiss each other in the mouth with full blown morning breath, crusty black rings under her eyes from last night's mascara, and his one too many beer gut. Note: Cuffing season can be so forgiving."
    What is it really like to be MY BABE, though. Well, find out here. 
    . October 5, 2015 .

    "A transition in season. A transition in my life. A transition in my look. Fitting to wear black because it's the funeral to the old me."

    . October 2, 2015 .

    What's better than traveling itself -- sitting on the softest sand while you bury your feet in it, floating on clear blue waters with the sweetest and nurturing waters, grooving to culturally driven music, and eating the strangest food just to say you can and you did -- is who you're doing all of this with. If you're lucky, you get a travel companion that is your best friend, your room-mate, and a fellow badass. Tina Maria was just exactly that. The Babes at 6B came to Honolulu, saw it, and conquered. Here is a recap of our adventures. Yes, we saw strippers and Rev Run. And yes, we ate poke and mocha ice-cream. No, we didn't move there for good. But we thought about it. Mahalo!

    . September 30, 2015 .

    "Paris has given me many things. Many of the newly implanted ideas and experiences are still are in the process of being consciously put together. And of course, meaning assignment takes time, weeks, maybe even months to fully understand. However, one of the biggest and most apparent influences is how it has aesthetically inspired me. To my spur of creation in all aspects from social, design, to wardrobe."
    . September 26, 2015 .

    "Some days, we start off on the wrong foot. And then there are these exceptional days, we wake up feeling like we're floating. No one can touch you, not even your cat. You're hovering several inches from the ground all the way to the bathroom. Here are some soundtracks to your morning that will guarantee the best day ever." 

    . September 22, 2015 .

    "Amongst trying to collect what all the traveling has taught me, my earlier past have also creeped into my consciousness. It has made me realize how far I've gone. Sometimes life gives you opportunities to be grateful, to remember, and to not take your achievements for granted. Yes, my environment has changed. My friends have changed. My career has changed. But so have I. I am moving upwards and forward and we all should."
    . September 16, 2015 .

    "This season, I was lucky to have my ladies by my side. Besides the very obvious reasons, like it's just more fun with your main bishes by your side -- we just get it. Just like a very necessary stop to Ricky's for bandaids and shoe cushions or tequila peer pressure shots at noon. Hey, this is a no judgement zone. "

    . September 8, 2015 .

    "On the other side of the color expectancy, Mai and I come together for a whole different side of sass. Just as much as we remember that social walk from the locker to the classroom, leaving that permanent drool stain on your desk, ordering plates and plates of fries for lunch because that and pizza was your only food groups, we will also never forget the days we DID NOT go to school."
    . September 3, 2015 .

    "Mai and I have came together to release a two part series with plenty of back to school satire based on our favorite movies and the nostalgic school years we miss so much. If you're still in school, we say, "lucky, son of a bishes!" And to those who graduated just like us, "yes to plenty of happy hours, we sure need it to survive!" *clink*. "

    . August 31, 2015 .

    "Over a decade later, I am in Alabama visiting my very caucasian grandfather and meeting my uncles for the first time. Strange because last night, I told my best friend something I didn't even put together until it came out of my mouth - "You know, I didn't even know I needed this until it happened." Meeting them, being in their home, talking to them, diving slightly into their world really connected some puzzle pieces in my life." 

    A really personal story...

    . August 28, 2015 .

    "Mountains are as foreign to me as snow would be to a native islander. When I saw the mist hugging the mountain peeks carved and patted in greens shrubs and trees, it really blew me away. It looked so strong. It felt immovable. Stable. I felt like it knew something I didn't. An eternal secret. Something divine."
    . August 26, 2015 .

    "It's hard to put to words all the things that I took away from during this trip. But if I can just put all the people, the sub-moments, and the calming chaos under once category and gave it a name, it would be "Mahalo". "