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    there's nothing to hide and no one to hide from, especially yourself

    . January 30, 2017 .


    . January 30, 2017 .

    . January 27, 2017 .

    When the weather is colder than my heart in my early twenties, then the last thing I want to do is leave my apartment. But my grandma years are not too far (here I am, exaggerating again) and I have a resolution to upkeep, so I’m thinking of one too many ways to trick myself into the gym. And more often than not, it comes at a cost. Literally.

    Here are three ways I get myself there…(okay, most of the time).

    1) Be prepared at all times
    I am a Google calendar freak so I always set up my schedule a week in advance. I have actually started a habit of scheduling in workouts during the week, too. If I carve out time to work out, I know I won’t have any excuses to skip it. They’re mostly evening workouts because I am NOT a morning person. I've came to terms with that. At least, I can absolutely say “yes, yes, yes!” to drinks after. And dinners. Or Netflix time, you know, very important things. Another reason why scheduling workouts is helpful is because I’ll know exactly when to pack for it. The worse is when I realize I have time to work out but I have absolutely nothing on me to work out in. OR…even worse, when I pack clothes and lug it around all day but then I never get to use it.

    2) Sign up for classes
    I workout on my own often but when it’s disgusting outside, the last thing I want to do is think of a workout while simultaneously having to motivate myself to go, then do the workout, and not leave early. This is where classes can really save me. I love first sign up deals that some platforms have, like Classpass. They expose you to many different types of sweat-grueling self-torture, fun. But honestly, it’s amazing. I think it’s great to mix in your regular routine with classes here and there. I am an avid Yoga to the People attendee. And, I love a good occasional Groupon deal for boxing and dance Pilates. Classes help me go because I sure as hell paid for it, someone tells me what to do so I don’t have to think, and I can channel all my anger reckless at one human being—the trainer.

    3. Make a few new purchases
    If all else fails, I just buy myself something nice. I mean, it’s cute and I bought it…so, I’m definitely going to wear it. I think this reason is quite a no-brainer. Although, it can be very costly. If you are on the market for a pair of leggings, a sports bra, not a fur coat (lol), and a pair of sneakers, I suggest heading to Reebok’s Perfect Never site and picking up a few badass pieces that seconds as great weekend brunch wear. Multi-functional and multi-occasional—good for a sweat and a food baby.

    Visuals by Pedro
    Full Zip Track Jacket (Sale) - Reebok
    Camo Leggings - Reebok
    Hayasu Sneakers - Reebok

    "This post is sponsored by Reebok. All opinions expressed are my own."


    . January 26, 2017 .

    I haven't seen him in awhile. But gratefully, we have the kind of friendship that stirs up the same fondness we last left off. No matter the distance between our last chat and occasional run-ins. Supposedly, these friendships are common. And supposedly, they form with age. Clearly, from the last two sentences and the not-so-subtle doubt and dash of bitterness, you can envision my familiarity with them. I’m an intense human being, if you haven’t been tipped off by my online gut-punching presence so far. So no, I don’t have many of those kinds of friendships. But I can strongly suggest that our friendship is different from the rest. It feels easy. It is easy. I guess what makes it possible is...our phenomenal lack of ego. Quite refreshing. I can trust him. Genuinely. And he can trust me. We value one another's opinions. We provide support, critique, and even expand on existing thoughts ideas. Also rare. After all, ideas and opinions are precious. The wrong intention can queue a series of dreary events. But the right intention, well, it can save you, can make you, can elevate you.

    And yet other times, that friend is helpful with something entirely different. Right when I wasn’t looking for anything less or more. He lit the flame on an epiphanic bomb. And not the kind of bomb that burns through layers my skin, revealing raw flesh and pus. It is a gentle bomb, easily missed if the opportunity is taken for granted. He gives you, well, you. Not all of you. But apart of you that you had looked over even after all those retrospective nights.

    To give you some context, we are the walk-ins of a brand new hip Bushwick pizzeria. We are in fact the first and the only ones there. “Lucky you, Jamal, I rented out this entire space for us.” I have also used this joke more than once. We catch up with hard facts first, then ideas, and then we approach the more abstract part of the evening. We are down to the crust of our Margarita Pizza and very low on our Perrier Sparking water. I begin to lay out my internal crisis—my distrust in old friends, my everyday exhausting hustle, my “am I ever doing enough” sentiment. In my self-afflicted confusion, he says "Lynn, I'm not worried about you. I know you'll do what makes you happy. I know that whatever it is that you're in, you'll always choose happiness."

    And that's when I realized a few things. First off, he's right. I have always chosen to be the hero of my own story. I can’t exactly pinpoint why or how I adopted this mindset but I do know that I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember. I will always choose happiness over money. Over people. Over convenience. Over just about everything. Second, I realized that happiness is a choice. We go day by day always thinking about the wrong things that happen in our day—waking up late for work, missing our train, someone cutting us off, an unreturned phone call. We don't spend our day thinking of all the right things unless they're larger achievements or unless they're in relation to a setback (like oh yes, I went to the gym today because I never go and I'm fat.) What if we turned those thoughts around. What if our days were filled with thoughts like—this blanket on my flesh feels amazing, I got to see someone smile on the train today, the Spotify playlist is on point today, I turned down a cookie today, I just ate the best cookie EVER (hehe). The last thing I realized is that there’s nothing wrong with choosing happiness. People make you feel bad, make me feel bad for choosing me over them. My health and my benefit over theirs or what they think is the “right” choice. I am selfish, they say? Well, they’re freaking selfish for thinking they can suggest what I should or shouldn’t do. And you know how you cut off people in your life, like totally dead them? I don’t see a problem with that. I use to be very good at it. And then people told me that it was unhealthy. Now that I’ve experienced both, here is my verdict—Don’t put yourself in miserable situations. It is NOT worth it. So if that means that you need to cut someone out, I say, “what are you waiting for.”

    Visuals by Daniela 

    . January 24, 2017 .

    What do you look for when you're shopping for groceries? Maybe it's the cereal aisle that you run straight for (I do). Or maybe it's the firmness of a ripe avocado that make your eyes roll back in sweet sweet satisfaction. For me, I look at the sell out date. I don't like sell outs. So no, I ain't buying. And yes, I went there.

    This is a three part look series I did with In Support Of, a boutique that is taking unchartered path in the boutique world by ONLY supporting rising designers. What am I In Support Of? In short, I'm supportive of relentlessly being your true self. See the full interview and get the look here - House Sessions: Featuring Lynn Kim Do
    . January 18, 2017 .

    I live in Bushwick, the intersection between hipsters and Puerto Ricans. There's no shortage of bodegas, avocado toasts, and salsa music at all hours of the day. And I high-key enjoy it. I was thrilled to have In Support of in my hood and have the opportunity to see what I see. Well, at least a part of it.

    This is a three part look series I did with In Support Of, a boutique that is taking unchartered path in the boutique world by ONLY supporting rising designers. What am I In Support Of? In short, I'm supportive of relentlessly being your true self. See the full interview and get the look here - House Sessions: Featuring Lynn Kim Do
    . January 15, 2017 .

    This is a three part look series I did with In Support Of, a boutique that is taking unchartered path in the boutique world by ONLY supporting rising designers. What am I In Support Of? In short, I'm supportive of relentlessly being your true self. See the full interview and get the look here - House Sessions: Featuring Lynn Kim Do

    . January 13, 2017 .

    . January 11, 2017 .

    I can barely leave my apartment anymore at the rate that we're going. The weather is chaotic and stubborn. I guess I understand those adjectives enough. I force myself to go out. Go out until 3am. But it’s a battle until the tequila stings my liver. Then, then, it’s all worth it. Great words pour out of us. Eyes barely open, we assign stories to strange bodies and faces. Two drinks in and it feels like we have taken eight. Friendly hugs farewell and I’m back home. Oh, how I still missed it.
    Visuals by Travis Chambers
    Layering L/S Ninja Tee - Thread Workshop Co
    Slip Dress - Zara 
    Kimono - Bought in Thailand
    Wooster Blanco White - Greats Brand


    . January 5, 2017 .

    Too many days off can really be a bad thing, too. It allows for too much drinking, too many cozy days in, too much snacking, and too much thinking. And I lived in sweaters to keep my outsides warm in hopes that it’ll keep my insides warm, too. My brain feels like it liquefied in my skull. Just jiggling, left, right, left, right, almost like waves near the shore. Like the waves that leave sand in your underwear. Not. A. Good. Thing.

    - too much
    Visuals by Erika Dickstein
    Verto Crossbody - Min & Mon
    Grunge Chunky Lace Up - Melissa Shoes

    . January 3, 2017 .

    . January 1, 2017 .

    Hi Lynn, me..., yeah.

    So it's 2017. One more time notch forward, upwards, depending on how you read your dates. And I want you to snap out of this hole you're enthusiastically digging. It's a little unfair. To be digging AND asking yourself - "shit, how did I get here?"

    For a moment, stop thinking. Unfurrow your brows. Sink your eyes and release that sharp tongue. And that complex mind of yours.

    And for the next moment, remember how much you've achieved. Accomplished. Accumulated. And got rid of. For fuck sakes, you're still breathing. In a coffee shop. In New York. So yeah, life isn't that bad . And in all relativity, you don't even feel too bad about yourself. You just start digging all these tiny holes in this large mound of metaphorical badassness. Cause you have a lot of time in your hands. But before you collapse this mound with your own two hands, an erratically pumping muscle behind some anatomical cages, and an even more sensitive top dog held together by your scull, breathe...baby.

    It's alright. 

    You got ideas. You got the means. And you got love. Everything else is working together, slowly but surely. All in your favor. Be patient with yourself. And impatient -- no use in holding on to what your gut knows isn't right for you. And if you're not doing it now...when is the right time. Release what society has told you is right and wrong but use it as a secret weapon. Speak your mind vigorously. But observe how the auras move around you. Your environment. Spend less. But by all means, live wealthy. Your time is precious. Value it. Use it wisely with only the right people. Right for the moment. Moment by moment. But leave time for recklessness. Foolishness. One too many bad ideas. It fuels your soul. Tequila has become a comrade. Whiskey has not. And vodka is still your best friend 4 lyfe. Break up with people with pockets of ill intentions. Build new ones. Value old ones. And him, he's the one. Listen. Don't stop listening to people. To the world. To yourself. But absorb only what you need. Love people. And also, give them the finger. 

    And above all, don't compromise yourself. You. You will be amazing. 2017 will be kind to you. And if it's not, it's because it knows you can handle it. 

    Visuals by Daniela