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    there's nothing to hide and no one to hide from, especially yourself

    . April 27, 2017 .


    . April 27, 2017 .

    . April 24, 2017 .

    Is it pain that drives the pen? Is it blood that brings war? Is it lies and deceit that bring change? Do I have to be ripped open and plated nicely on a sheet of paper to be worthy? To have voice worth listening to? Must I suffer to leave a mark, any mark, much like a martyr.

    -to be worthy

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    . April 18, 2017 .

    Maybe it’s the holidays that remind you to be appreciative. Or maybe the feeling surfaces when you watching spoiled kids complain about not having enough candy in their eggs. Or maybe it’s Kendrick flows on the woes of staying humble. Real fears, he said. Real millennial problems, I said.

    This past weekend, my friends and I sat around the patio table and talked about what we grew up eating. I grew up on bowls of white rice with a heavy pour of soy sauce. My friends shared their childhood meals—ketchup sandwiches, peanut butter and ketchup sandwiches, and sugar packets…by itself. My friends and I aren’t rich by any means right now. But I can confidently confide that we came a long way. We each had an entire past one another will never fully understand. But here we are, sitting around a table drinking Coronas and eating ravioli all collectively making fun of this 11 year old boy who has an oversized and rudely rubbed ego. He will definitely learn shit the hard way. We all do.

    In creative industries, humbleness disappears as quickly as their appetite (or lack of) for cup noodles and syrup sandwiches. The real practice of humbleness then requires work, right? To stay humble, I mean. IMO, we try to stay humble because we don’t want to forget where we came from. To not be the person we grew up enviously hating. Swearing that we will NEVER ever be that. At least that’s what I felt. And I still do.

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    Cropped Sweater (Self-cut) - Tobi

    . April 14, 2017 .

    Why is it easier for people to share sad news than good news. To express sadness or anger or even a "bad day" than happy days. Why is it so difficult to say, "Yeah, I am really happy." Even when you do say it, what does the recipient say back? "Oh, that's awesome." The end. But if you say, "Ugh, I'm so miserable" then they're curious, right. They go "Oh why??" or "Shit, what happened?" Happiness doesn't get the same treatment. It's like most people don't give a shit if you're happy. They want to know how, why, what it is that make you sad or mad or anxious or whatever. Because they also feel that way. People want to feel like loneliness or misery do indeed have grand company. It's like happiness is second class citizens of emotions.

    - second class

    Visuals by Pedro Morales

    . April 7, 2017 .

    There are too many days where I need to just switch things up a bit in my fitness and wellness lyfe. When going to the gym and lifting weights or running becomes a bit redundant. When I can’t possibly think of a workout. Nor motivate myself to do the workout. I’ve literally walked out of the gym mid-workout once. I just couldn’t do it.

    This is where classes come in. The hardest part is getting there. Then you have someone just telling you exactly what to do. God, that is the nicest thing. I spend 8 hours telling people what to do or planning what I have to do. It can be very liberating to not have to think once in awhile. I’ve been practicing yoga for years. And no, I cannot do any crazy headstands or binds but it has always been a source of groundedness I craved in this hectic city.  I recently tried Yogaworks for a month. A whole month. Now that’s a commitment! But unlike other studios I’ve been to, Yogaworks Soho really stands out amongst the plethora of others in Manhattan. The moment you walk in, you don’t get this vibe that you’re walking into an underground cult. Phew. The one thing I really appreciate about Yogaworks is their instructor. Each instructor is highly knowledgeable and passionate about their practice  And they have classes beyond yoga, like their 6:30pm Pilates class that really focuses on the one area I never work on (abs) and the one area I love to work on (butt). It’s the perfect degree of challenge yet you never feel like you’re there for way too long either. Those two perfect combos actually translate to all their other classes as well. They have Barre, Sculptwork, and, of course, yoga—Vinyasa, Yogaworks, Heated Yoga, and Restorative. I also enjoy how big this studio is without losing that feeling of intimacy and connection. There are two floors, three studios, and self-locking storage areas. They even have tea and water available for you. I’m a sucker for the little details and Yogaworks delivered on that. After a month, I can feel my body thanking me. I feel more flexible. I feel like I also know my body more. And I'm absolutely more hydrated from all the free tea I drank.

    Visuals by Karina Munoz

    . April 3, 2017 .

    Okay, so I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I can do all that makeup shit nor can I give you the 411 on all the beauty vernaculars. I don’t spend more than 15 minutes on my makeup routine and when I’m running late, I got 5 minutes for it. And zero for my hair. But what I can tell you (and show you) are things that works for me. On what basis? Well, hours on hours, years on years of finding things out the hard way.

    My favorite eye makeup trend right now is the one shadow lid. Let me give you a few reasons why this eye look works for me.
    1. It literally takes 2 minutes to achieve. 
    How: 30 seconds dedicated to each side and just layer layer layer. Smudge it as you get closer to your brows. Add highlighter to your inner eyes and below your brows. Oh, and add mascara to your lashes like you mean it!
    2. I can never do a smoky eye anyway. Somehow learning to do a slutty smoky eye in high school meant your were also a grown ass woman. I just fail miserably at it. And I probably also never grew up. 
    3. It’s amazing for Asian lids. Because you don’t have to worry about your nonexistent lids. I wish I knew this sooner because I literally avoided eyeshadow for 24 years. 
    4. You’ll be called edgy. Somehow wearing crazy colors on your eyes (I mean, does rustic red even constitute as a “crazy” color?) pins you in the “Woah, she’s edgy” bucket. I’ll take it. 
    5. You don’t have to really try too hard everywhere else. I wore this beauty look with ripped jeans and a black tee. I kept my lips bare besides a swipe of Aquaphor for hydration since my lips take up most of my face. This eye look is bold on it’s own. Honestly, it’s all the effort you need for the entire day. Go get yourself a drank.

    For this look, I used the Criss Cross($5) : matte brick orange from ColourPop’s “Lo-Key” Pressed Powder Shadow Palette ($18) from the lid and the Take It Slow($5) : metallic warm champagne from the same palette for the inner corners and under the brow. I love this entire palette and actually use every single color...rare moment for me. I like to keep my face dewy and natural lately so I use Maybelline's Dream Cushion foundation. It goes on like a dream. And highlight....duh (Maybelline Master Strobing Stick).

    Visuals by Thaya 
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    Thank you Maybelline for partnering with me on this.